Gold Tone Marcy Marxer Signature Series 4-String Cello Banjo CEB-4 w/case

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Once a staple in early twentieth century banjo orchestras and clubs, the cello banjo disappeared by 1930. Gold Tone has brought it back, collaborating w/ string wizard Marcy Marxer to develop the CEB-4 cello banjo. It offers contemporary players a new and fascinating low banjo voice for use in any kind of music. Tuned in fifths, the CEB-4 is great for both lead and accompaniment roles. Its shortened scale makes fingering easier and the high-tension nylon strings provide punchy, dynamic tone while being easy on the fingertips. The brass rod tone ring and fourteen-inch pot punch those low notes out strongly and clearly. Any mandolin, mandola, cello or viola player can pick up the CEB-4 at feel at home in minutes.
Openback Cello Banjo|4-String Banjo|Folkternative Design|GT Master Planetary Tuners|Rolled Brass Tone Ring|3-Ply 14" Pot|Includes Hardshell Case