Dream Cymbals and Gongs Contact Series Crash/Ride 18"

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Item DetailsThe Dream Contact Series 18" Crash / Ride Cymbal is powerful and bright but never thin sounding. They speak clearly w/ a full spectrum of overtones suitable for live work, recording and concert halls. The fast stick response translates as much of the player's energy into sound, so you work less and sound bigger, richer. The CONTACT crash/rides have a full sustain, good projection and consistent, not overly long decay of the full overtone spectrum.The CONTACT series, known for a brighter stick presence and livelier response - like the BLISS series - is also completely handmade, hand-hammered and shaped. Composed of B23 alloy they also feature a slightly deeper profile and disproportionately larger bell promoting crash power and sustain. CONTACTS's also feature a medium-thin edge - another crash-promoting design feature.The stick feel is very lively - the pitch higher but still rich and warm. Faster speaking and higher energy, these the CONTACT series also possess depth and complexity in the undertone and a shimmering wash that drives the sound forward and upward. Like all of the cymbals, they exhibit a trademark ease of speaking plus a crystalline ping that also opens up for short crash punctuations strong enough to turn heads big time!You don't have to work hard on getting a sound. w/ CONTACT cymbals, you can simply spend time on expressing what you want to say.