Dream Cymbals Contact Series Crash 14"

Dream Cymbals Contact Series Crash 14"

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Key Features

    Powerful and Bright Crash Cymbal
    Perfect for Live Work, Recording and Concert Halls
    Speaks Clearly and Delivers Bigger, Richer Sounds
    Provides Fast Stick Responses and Full Sustain
    Medium Decay of the Full Overtone Spectrum

The Dream Cymbal Contact Series Crash is a powerful and bright cymbal that speaks clearly with a wide-spectrum of overtones that is perfect for live work, recording and concert halls. This 14" crash cymbal provides fast stick responses, full sustain and fantastic projection.

The Contact Series cymbals feature a shaped and slightly deeper profile with a larger bell than other Dream cymbals. These Contact cymbals provide a lively stick feel and a higher pitch whilst still being rich and warm. With a medium to medium-thin design, the cymbals have a depth and complexity in the undertones along with a shimmering wash that drives the sound forward.

    Surface: Wide Deep Lathing by Hand
    Bow: Medium Taper
    Bell: Large, Articulate, Clear
    Weight: Medium to Thin
    Hammering: Deep Hammered Hot and Cold
    Stick: Very Crisp and Fast
    Wash: Higher Pitch, Medium Long Decay