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A psychedelic sound born in the chaotic world of the late 1960s. There is a unique modulation effect born in Japan that supports that tone. Sound that swells while twisting. The weighted tone sways to cut the wind while rotating. The sound of a mysterious box, which was rarely known at the time, made the sound of a left-handed guitarist who is still called God even more deified.Uni vibe. The equipment was called so. Original models are still being searched for by artists all over the world. Animals Pedal Car Crush Chorus / Vibe is a chorus / vibrato pedal that makes it simple to create such vintage modulation sounds. Combined with classical distortion effects, the enthusiasm of the late 1960s revives. Unlike the expensive and difficult-to-obtain original model, it is compact, simple, easy to handle, and can be easily carried around anywhere to enjoy vibe sound . In addition to classic tones, for example, when combined with fantastic reverb effects, new sounds are born again. Let's experience that sound with a compact pedal with three control knobs and toggle switches.Features Current consumption : 5.5mA Input impedance : 500k Output impedance : 10k Car Crush Chorus / Vibe has a true bypass footswitch and is powered by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC9V adapter.Control Depth : Adjusts the depth of shaking. Rate : Adjusts the shaking speed. Color : Finely adjust the frequency response to control the tone. Chorus-Vibe : Selects chorus and vibe effects.