Blessing BTB-88 Artist Series Trombone w/ F Attachment, Traditional Wrap, Lacquered;

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Overview: For players looking for the most traditional large bore setup, the BTB-88 is their best option. It has solid projection in all ranges and looks fantastic.

The Blessing BTB-88 Trombone fills the gap in the range of trombones between medium bore instruments and bass trombones. w/ a .547 bore, this instrument has a large, full sound without venturing into bass territory. A popular instrument in school music, the 8-1/2 bell is designed to project to the back of the concert hall or football field. Its hand slide is composed of bronze and is hand-lapped for a precise fit. Made in Elkhart, Indiana, the Blessing BTB-88 Trombone is well-designed for students and other musicians looking for a larger, richer sound.

Includes: Deluxe Hardshell Backpack Case, Blessing Polishing Cloth, Premium Mouthpiece, Premium Slide Oil and Slide Grease.


ClassificationPerformance Series
Key ofBb/F
BoreLarge, .547"
Bell Diameter8.5"
F RotorTraditional
Lead PipeYellow Brass
Body MaterialYellow Brass
Bell MaterialYellow Brass; Two-piece
Inner SlideChrome Plated Nickel Silver
Outer SlideLacquered Nickel Silver
FinishClear Epoxy Lacquer
MouthpieceMPC65ALTRB 6.5AL Trombone
CaseC-88 Backpack Case
AccessoriesLa Tromba