Dream Cymbals Bliss Small Bell Flat Ride 24", BSBF24

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Bliss Cymbals are the flagship line from Dream. Bliss Series are vintage style cymbals with a personality all their own. Offered in even sizes, they are totally hand hammered, microlathed plates with a low bridge, small but clear bells and are quite thin. They are exceptionally resilient and slightly soft on the stick. The undertones are warm and rich but never overpower the stick sound. The separation between stick and overtones is clear and the pitch range is low and dark. These cymbals are exceptionally versatile and are suitable for all musical applications.

The low profile and small half cup combined with a slightly thicker cymbal have created the ultimate Bliss ride. The stick sound is very clear, a little soft in feel but still responsive. The bell, though a small target is clear and pitched, never brash. The most outstanding feature is the simmering huge pot of broth that washes under that clear but complex stick sound when riding. The tones are complex but more controlled than the 22" crash ride, but support the ride pattern with a warm intensity that can leap out with thunder when coaxed. The overtones are a subtle mix that won't get in the way of the rest of the band but also won't let the bottom fall out of the time. The time is supported on a rolling wave of surf, with a roar in the distance.

SeriesBlissDiameter24"ThicknessThinCymbal FinishNatural