Dream Cymbals and Gongs Bliss Paper Thin Crash 16"

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Overview Thin Enough to Flex in Hands Intensely Dark Timbre Wobbly, Overtone-Rich Character Excellent for Light Jazz Speaks at a Feather's Touch Great Brush CymbalItem DetailsIf you hold the Dream 16" Bliss Paper Thin Crash Cymbal in your hands you'll easily be able to flex it. This extreme thinness produces a sound that's extra dark, wobbly, and full of character. It will speak w/ heated overtones at the slightest touch of the stick.Hand-hammered and microlathed, this cymbal is great for jazz, multi-percussion recital music, or any other genre that tends to be low volume in nature. If you play w/ brushes a lot, you'll find this easily speaking cymbal very handy in your setup.