Blue enCORE 200 Black Grill Dynamic Mic, 988-000052

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The world's first studio-grade phantom powered active dynamic microphone is here -and it's called enCORE 200. Thanks to a proprietary active dynamic phantom power circuit, you get more gain before feedback than any other dynamic mic -meaning you can be heard clearly through loud, dense mixes. The circuit also ensures natural, detailed and consistent sound -no matter what you plug into. enCORE 200 even delivers consistent tone regardless of your mic cable length or mixing board location. A new all-black finish plus an additional rose gold mic grille makes enCORE 200 customizable to the look of your application. And w/heavy-duty tour-tough construction, it'll withstand anything you encounter on the road.

Technical Specifications:

¢ Transducer Type: Dynamic moving coil

¢ Polar Pattern: Cardioid

¢ Frequency Response: 50Hz - 16kHZ

¢ Sensitivity: 2.25 mV/PA

¢ Output Impedance: 25 ohms

¢ Maximum SPL: 147dB SPL

¢ Weight: 0.4 kg (0.88 lbs.)

¢ Dimensions - Length: 185mm / 7.3 in

¢ Dimensions - Diameter: 28mm / 1.10 in (min); 50mm / 1.97 in. (max)