Dream Cymbals Bliss Series Hi Hat - 15", BHH15

Regular price $299.99

Key Features

    Provides the Perfect Vintage Sound
    Impressive Ease of Playing
    Solid Chick and Expressive Cut
    Warm Dry Presence
    Delivers an Incredible Retro Groove

The Dream Cymbal Bliss Series Hi-Hats provide the perfect vintage sound with an impressive ease of playing. These hi-hats have a solid chick, expressive cuts and warm dry presence that delivers an incredible retro groove. Crafted from recycled cycmbals, the 15'' Hi-Hat is unique and affordable.


    Surface: Micro Lathed by Hand
    Bow: Low Gentle Bridge
    Bell: Small, Articulate, Clear
    Weight: Thin Tapers at Edge
    Hammering: Hand Hammered (Before and After Lathing)
    Stick: Woody Round Attack
    Wash: Full Spectrum Wash with Quick Decay