Dream Cymbals and Gongs Bliss Series Crash/Ride - 20"

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Overview Explosive Crashes Medium Decay Clear, Soft Stick Sound Free Bell TonesItem DetailsThe Dream Bliss Series 20" Crash/Ride cymbal is a versatile cymbal designed w/ options in mind. It's a thin cymbal w/ rich, layered overtones that decay at a medium pace, allowing for explosive crashes or thinner, more subtle ride patterns.Stick sounds are clear and produce a shimmering wash w/ a touch of aggression or grit to the tone. Rolls on this cymbal produce a vibrant, thick tone w/ a lot of shimmer. This cymbal is hand-hammered and micro-lathed w/ a smaller bell for a unique tone.This cymbal is great for adding more color to different genres, but is especially well suited for jazz, fusion, R&B, and pop.