Dream Cymbals Bliss Series Crash/Ride 18", BCRRI18

Dream Cymbals Bliss Series Crash/Ride 18", BCRRI18

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Get Handcrafted And Complex Sounds With The Dream Bliss Crash/Ride Cymbal

Each Bliss cymbal is an individual work of art, painstakingly hand-forged, and hand-hammered. They have a warmth that seduces at low volume and thunders with a froth of dark undertones at more extreme volumes.

These cymbals come alive, shimmering and wobbling as if the mere touch of human hands excites the cymbal and it can't wait to get its voice out there and sing. The undertones are warm, rich, dark with an edge of dragon's breath. Each one is a unique, complex voice that will excite your imagination.

Jeremy Clemons says:

"There is no other cymbal or cymbal maker that gives me the satisfaction that I get from playing and hearing Dream Cymbals. Being a drummer, producer, and engineer, it enables me to hear and love the cymbals from more than a behind-the-kit perspective."

  • Layers of wash
  • Room to build
  • Beautiful articulation off the tip
  • Micro lathed by hand
  • Low, gentle bridge
  • Small bell