Cort B4 Plus AS RM Bass, Swamp Ash Body, Roasted Maple Fingerboard, 5-pc Neck, Burgandy Red

Cort B4 Plus AS RM Bass, Swamp Ash Body, Roasted Maple Fingerboard, 5-pc Neck, Burgandy Red

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This new addition to the B4 Plus AS lineup features an open pore finish body with three colors ideally suited for this type of finish as well as Roasted Maple fingerboard for a little brighter and punchier sound. The three new colors are Aqua Blue, Burgundy Red and Trans Black. The open pore body finish and the Roasted Maple neck provide a natural feel to the touch as well as enhancing the tone with a more open and organic sound.



A livelier and more resonant wood than poplar, swamp ash is characterized by a scooped-mids sound with a bigger low-end and clear highs for a more balanced tone. The open-pore finish enhances the resonance even further and the wood's natural light weight and good-looking grain patterns are other positives of swamp ash. An ideal match for the Markbass 3-Band EQ system.

Bartolini MK-1

The trademark Bartolini sound is preserved in the MK-1 while providing superb sound quality and value. The MK-1 delivers plenty of punchy and warm mids along with transparent and brilliant highs for a superbly balanced sound.

Markbass MB-1

The Markbass MB-1 EQ provides a very natural and transparent boost that does not color the organic nature or resonance of the instrument's woods. The crystal clarity and natural warmth combined exude a passive feel with smooth lows, full-bodied mids, and bell-like highs. The Markbass 3-Band EQ brings out the best acoustic nature of the bass instrument.


By treating the Maple in an oxygen-free oven at a high temperature, the wood stabilizes and develops a golden-brownish look for enhanced stability as well as a more vintage type of look and a big bolder tone.


The emphasis of the Panga Panga and Walnut combination is on tight and defined midrange that complements the bright and expansive tonal nature of the Swamp Ash body for an ideally balanced sound to round out the bass spectrum.


The Artisan B4 Plus AS RM features Hipshot Ultralite Tuners as standard equipment for tuning accuracy and stability.

  • CUTAWAY   Double Cutaway
  • BODY   Swamp Ash
  • NECK   5PC Panga Panga & Walnut
  • FRETBOARD   Roasted Maple
  • FRETS   24
  • SCALE   864㎜(34")
  • INLAY   Abalone
  • TUNERS   Hipshot Ultralite
  • BRIDGE   EB12(4) Bridge
  • PICKUPS   Bartolini MK-1
  • ELECTRONICS   Markbass MB-1
  • HARDWARE   Black
  • STRINGS   D'Addario YB EXL165