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The black M1000 8" Dual-Cone Sound Masking Speaker by Atlas Soundis designed to deliver an adjustable spectrum of sound masking in openoffice plans. A masking generator (not included) feeds pink noise intoan Atlas Sound commercial 70V amplifier (not included), which in turnfeeds the M1000 masking speaker to produce a random low-level soundthroughout the coverage area. The result is increased speech privacy anda reduced perceived level of noise.

To ensure amplelow-frequency response, the M1000 masking speaker's 734 cubic inchenclosure houses an 8" dual-cone loudspeaker and a 70.7V transformer. Anexternal selector switch provides a selection of wattage taps rangingfrom 0.25W to 4W, plus an "off" position , for precise leveladjustments. The masking speaker is designed to be installed abovesuspended ceiling systems or open ceiling spaces and is approved for usein plenum ceilings. Its suspension system features twofactory-installed collapsible galvanized hangers configured to allowupward, downward, or horizontal orientation. Typically the M1000 isinstalled with contractor-provided strong ceiling grid suspension wire.

Depending on the size of the area you wish to cover and the level ofsound masking you require, various combinations of generators andamplifiers can be used with the M1000. For example, an Atlas ASP-MG24 4channel masking generator can be connected to an Atlas PA1001G amplifierto power up to about eighty M1000 sound masking speakers tapped at 1W.To meet most local code requirements, the M1000 includes a terminationcover containing both knockouts and a strain relief. This system willallow the use of rigid or flexible conduit, if required, and easilyaccommodates "through" connections on the removable plate.

Provides increased speech privacy and a reduced perceived level of noise Pre-assembled unit includes 8" diameter loudspeaker, transformer, enclosure, baffle, and mounting hardware Suitable for use above suspended ceiling systems or in open ceiling spaces Certified by ETL and meets UL1480 & UL2043 standards for use in air handling (plenum ceilings) Complete with snap hanger assembly for quick and easy installation Design enables upward, downward, or horizontal orientation Input panel includes combination knock-out and strain relief connector to accommodate flexible or rigid conduit 734 in ³ enclosure for extended low frequency response UPC: 612079179930 In the Box
  • Atlas Sound M1000 8" Dual-Cone Sound Masking Speaker (Black)
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty