Animals TIOGA ROAD DISTORTION Distortion Pedal designed by Wren & Cuff

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Distortion is essential for rock guitar sounds. Along with the trend of the times, various distortions were born.A distortion pedal that has been loved since the first model was made at the end of the 70s. Especially since the mid-1980s, it has been playing an active part at the feet of many players, so it can be said that it is essential for guitarists.Animals Pedal Tioga Road Cycling Distortion has reminiscent of the distortion that embodies classic distortion.This pedal tone, created by the hands of Wren and Cuff, a global effector brand that has recreated numerous classic effects and is highly regarded, is called I made in the mid 80s. The sound of the early model is at the center.The Tioga Road Cycling Distortion is not just a pedal that produces the old sound. With the texture of the distortion, especially the powerful vibration of the core near the low mids, the rich overtone components and the overall increased resolution make it possible to create the sound that is required in the present era, rather than just classic distortion. The pedal is finished.In addition, the texture of the distortion can be switched by switching the toggle switch to meet various needs.Sometimes a crunch tone like an overdrive is created, and if it is distorted strongly, a thick tone like a fuzz will appear. With a wide range of expressiveness, the center is always a classic distortion sound, a thick, thick and deep tone that has created numerous rock sounds.Animals Pedal × Wren and Cuff Wren and Cuff has been highly acclaimed around the world by carefully analyzing the circuit based on the actual vintage fuzz pedal and reproducing it with overwhelming quality.It is known for producing pedals that make you feel the depth of love for effectors, such as suddenly launching a limited model without sudden beats, or developing a new product full of humor, I wanted to make it .The joint development with Matt, the builder of Wren and Cuff, once again came to know the height of that commitment.Dive into the world of sound created by Wren and Cuff who knows vintage pedals.FeaturesControl Volume : Adjusts the volume. Tone : Controls the tone with a focus on the high frequency range. Clockwise increases the high frequency, and counterclockwise increases the low frequency. Dist : Adjusts the strength of distortion. Toggle switch : Switches the texture and volume of distortion. Up position : Symmetric clipping Center position : Clipping bypass Down position : Asymmetric clippingSpecifications Current consumption : 1mA Input impedance : 500k Output impedance : 10k