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The wall of the amplifier piled up behind a number of rock sounds that have a history. The amp that began the legend is envy of guitarists. Animals Pedal Major Overdrive is an overdrive that creates the sound of an amplifier that has created a legendary rock tone. British-made amps made from the 60s to the 70s later became legendary amps that everyone wanted to get. You can get the sound of that amp, later called Plexi, with Animals Pedal Major Overdrive.Speaking of plexi, there may be an image of distortion sound. To be sure, if you want to make rock sounds quickly, you can create an atmosphere with distortion. However, real plexiamps are not really distorted. It's only after the plexi era that the British stack can create strong distortions. Major Overdrive is an overdrive that can create distortion from a slightly dirty clean tone of a plexiamp to crunch and a little over the full ten gain. In other words, it reaches not only the tone of the 70s plexiamp, but also the first Brown Sound , which is said to have further lowered the voltage and obtained distortion exceeding the full ten.The hard rock sound of the early 70s seems to make a strong distortion, but in fact the gain is not so high. Phrases with a sense of speed using bass strings gain momentum because the sound comes out in front. A tone that sounds like a real plexi amp, but with a surprisingly low gain, it is noticeable and distorted when combined in a band. With Major Overdrive, you can easily reproduce the magic by setting the GAIN knob near the center.If GAIN is further raised, it will change to the tone of the late 70s. Major Overdrive covers the brown sound that used a lot of light hand playing techniques, changed the guitar play later, and the neo-classical lead that used a lot of legato.Major Overdrive is exactly the characteristics of a genuine vintage British valve amplifier. The more you use it, the deeper your knowledge of realistic amps. The tone of a classic rock album. Major Overdrive creates high-gain from clean to rich harmonic brown sound, as well as neo-classical territory. Response is high, and gain can be controlled by guitar volume and picking. Marc Ahlfs (Skreddy Pedals) The fascinating plexi tone of British tube amps of the early 70s. Major Overdrive aimed for classic high gain that can be controlled by picking and can always be returned to clean.It has a brown sound flavor that drops the voltage of a British tube amplifier, and a balanced tone that focuses on the low mids creates a smooth and smooth sound. A punchy attack is perfect for cutting and provides ample compression for mute play. While fully distorted, chords are separated from each other. The overdrive that you can immediately get the brown tone played by the "Guitar God" from the late 70s to the early 80s.Tones like rock halls that make you want to listen to the sound forever are important in making various songs and phrases. Good phrases come out because you hear good sounds. The sound that once was not available without carefully carrying heavy amps and cabinets can now be played at any time with Major Overdrive.Control Vol : Adjusts the volume. Tone : Adjusts the tone centering on the high frequency component. Gain : Adjusts the strength of the distortion.Major Overdrive uses a true bypass footswitch and is powered by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC9V adapter. When using the battery, when storing the effector, be sure to unplug the input jack to save battery power. Remove the battery when not in use for a long time.Features Vol : Adjusts the volume Tone : Adjusts the tone centered on the high frequency Gain : Adjusts the strength of the distortion