Animals BATH TIME REVERB Reverb Pedal

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Animals Pedal Bath Time Reverb is a standard reverb effect pedal that adds color and depth to your guitar tone. Three types of reverb sounds can be selected and set according to your preference and music. Use the MIX knob to adjust the balance between dry (original sound) and wet (effect sound). Turning this knob clockwise will increase the wetness and sound like a bathroom. When set to maximum, the sound spreads from a small attack at once, creating a beautiful tone like a string.Use the TIME knob to set the time over which the reverb reverberation is extended. If you set it short, light reverberation in a small space will sound, and if you set it long, fantastic reverberation like a cathedral and a vast space like outer space will sound. You can switch the reverb tone with the toggle switch in the center. From the top, the switch position is small, such as SPRING that reproduces the spring reverb mounted on a large amp, which is often used in rich halls, classic surf music, etc. You can choose a ROOM that lets you imagine the reverberation in the space.Reverb is an effect that simulates the reflection of complex sounds by applying a random delay to the guitar sound so that the sound echoes in real space. Generally speaking, echo is a delay effect in guitar effects, but echo in karaoke is a reverb effect. This effect was designed to create a spatial expansion of the sound. In the old days, the reverb room was used only for reverberation to create a sound expansion. Later, a plate reverb using a thin metal plate of about 1m x 2m was developed in order to create sound spread in a compact size. This was installed in studios around the world.Although the real space is compact considering the use of a dedicated room, the 1m x 2m size takes up space, so the reverb effect has been made more compact. The most well-known analog reverb effect is spring reverb. This was added to many guitar amps and so on by adding spring swing to the sound and adding reverberation to the sound to make the sound broader. It is especially preferred for surf music, and you can listen to it on many famous boards such as Ventures.As the era progresses and digital delays appear, digital reverberation that applies that technology is created. This is a typical reverb pedal now. The spread of sound that was once made using the room itself can now be made with palm-sized equipment such as BATH TIME REVERB. Bath Time Reverb lets you choose the three reverb sounds that guitarists need most.You can freely apply any reverb to any phrase, and you can try it out and enjoy it, but as a simple usage, set the switch to ROOM in the rock genre, MIX and TIME are the minimum Try setting it in the range up to around the center. Choose HALL for slow-tempo songs such as ballads and enjoy the gorgeous sound. Choose SPRING, which produces the sound of a spring reverb used in amps at the time for surf music, Southern rock, and classic rock. The foot switch is true bypass. It is driven by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC9V adapter. Since it consumes a lot of current, driving with an adapter is recommended. Designed by the surf art painter Jonas Claesson in Australia. The bathroom has the most reverb effect in the design. Enjoy the unbalanced design of the bathroom and polar bear.