AER 240W Electric Bass Combo Amp w/ 1x12 Speaker & Horn/ Black AMP-TWO Special Order

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Amp two is the second member of the Bottom Line combo bass amps.In line with Amp one, but with a more defined speakersystem and more power. A 12 neodymium woofer for quick and full bass response combined with a 4 mid-high direct radiating speaker for gentle trebles allows a wider range of sounds from funk to pop and rock to jazz.As further difference to the Amp one the signal path is lead trough adjustable compression pre EQ to provide even more dynamic headroom. Input 6.3 mm (1/4 ) input jack socket as high impedance line input stage with pad (high/low attenution). Equalizer three band tone controls with middle parametric Colour ˜mid-cut-treble-boost'-filter Bass boost +10 dB / 55 Hz Tone balance the tone balance enables the bass- or treble emphasis or a combination of both Effect compressor with ratio and threshold Power amp 240 W / 8 ohms, dynamic control Analog signal processing subsonic filter, low distortion RMS limiter Speaker system 12 (300 mm) woofer neodymium alloy magnet 4 (100 mm) mid-high direct-radiating 2-way speaker system Features headphones, line out pre/post master switchable, sub out, footswitch (muting and effect on/off), send, return, insert pre/post EQ, adjustable aux in, tuner, adjustable hf level, adjustable pre/post EQ DI-out, ground lift Dimensions 500mm x 420 mm x 350 mm     ±ã¤®ãœ°éŒ ç  ã„¶¸¶ã‚“¸ ±ãŒ®ã °éŒ©degree ä¡¸å¸äŠ Weight 23,50 kg (51.70 lbs)