AER 200W Electric Bass Combo Amp w/ 2x8 Speaker/ Black AMP-THREE

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Amp three follows the concept of Amp one:being small, rich and powerful based on a one way speaker-system. It also offers a superb mix between sizeand power and features for professional use.Equipped with 2 x 8 heavy duty bass-speakers, it enhances the low mids and offers a more open, transparent tone with the neccessary strength and focus to cut through.Input 6.3 mm (1/4 ) input jack socket as high impedance line input stage with pad (high/low attenution)Equalizer three band tone controls with middle parametric Colour ˜mid-cut-treble-boost'-filterBass boost +10 dB / 55 HzTone balance the tone balance enables the bass- or treble emphasis or a combination of bothEffect compressor with ratio and thresholdPower amp 200 W / 8 ohms, dynamic controlAnalog signal processingsubsonic filter, low distortion RMS limiter Speaker system2 x 8 heavy-duty bass-speakersFeatures ground lift, headphone outputs, line out, sub out,footswitch (muting and effect loop), send, return, insert pre/post EQ, aux in, adjustable DI-outDimensions 365 mm x 420 mm x 300 mm  ±ã®ã°éŒ ç  ã„¶¸¶ã‚“¸ ±ã„®ã °éŒ©degree ä¡¸å¸äŠWeight 16 kg (35,28 lbs)