American DJ Airstream Wi-Fi Pack

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Ideal for clubs, bars, or any venue where you'd prefer to hide data cables, the Airstream Wi-Fi Pack from American DJ creates a standalone Wi-Fi network that can be controlled by your iPhone or iPad via a free App. The Airstream operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency to eliminate interference and features a Wi-Fi antenna, 8 Edison output sockets, LED power indicator, master/slave, and on/off switch.Benefits Channel Wi-Fi switch pack 600W per channel, 2400W max Intuitive Application for iOS mobile devices (iPad and iPhone) Creates a wireless network between iOS device and Airstream pack.4 GHz DSSS wireless frequency Channel names can be renamed Photos can be taken on the fly and used to be included in channel button image Programmable timer for automatic on/off operation Memory built into pack, once programmed, iOS device does not need to be used Passcode-protected Wi-Fi network