AER AK-15 Plus Pickup System / Guitar Pre-amp

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The AK 15 plus is a twin source endpin acoustic instrument preamp for the AER standard piezo under saddle pickup and a single microphone.Both signals can be controlled by barely visible controls attached to the sound hole (Piezo=master, Mic to be blended in). Ideal when you want to make as little impact mechanically as possible to your instrument.Focussed on maximum dynamic range, tonal balance and clarity AK15 plus is the start of a line of pickups and preamps that perfectly match AER's philosophy and tonal demands.The AK 15 plus set contains:Endpin preamp with adjustable gain for piezo and mic and built-in microphone6 in-line piezo crystal pickup with thread (spacing 10 to 12.5mm)Soundhole control9V block - battery holder with dual-lock attaching- AER nylon zipper-bag- AER ballpen- AER writing padTwo sizes soundhole control (10, 18 mm dia.)Detachable soundhole control Built-in microphone The AK15 plus provides high volumes and impressive punch combined with low noise components for the best possible signal to noise ratio.