ACUS Black One For All, 200Watt, 4 Channels, New, Free Shipping

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One ForAll is a compact and versatile amplifier, particularly suitable for instruments as keyboard and digital pianos, with high quality microphones channels.This amp is suitable for all situations where you need a quality system with reduced weight and dimensions.One ForAll has three inputs, 2 MIC-LINE and 1 Line Stereo, complete with PEAK LED, GAIN, 3-band equalizer, SEND effect and volume. This amplifier is extremely versatile thanks to its connections, like the AUX input with own volume and two-band equalizer; 2 direct output (LINE and REC) and a "feedback canceler" filter manual.One ForAll also has a headphone output with indipendent Volume and it has eight high quality digital effects.Available in Black or Wood colors. Frequency responce :Max power out:Syistem format:Power woofer:Power tweeter:Sensitivity 1W 1mt:SPL Max:Crossover:Woofer:Tweeter:Box:Construction:Weight:Height:Width: Depth: ¢ ¬ ´ ¬  ¤ ¡ º ¢ Å¡ œ ¢ ¬ ² ¬  ¦ ­‹   §… 200 WBiamp 2 vie150 W50 W 94 dB116 dBElectronic8 ¯ ¿ ½Compression tweeter2 vie bass reflexBirch Plywood13 Kg395 mm.275 mm.315 mm.