Fishman ACC-BLE-POW 910-R AC Adapter for Pedals & Outboard Preamps

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120V Fishman 9 Volt Power Adapter Input: 120V U.S. Standard Plug Output: 9V, 300mA, 5.5mm Plug Regulated, Low Noise Power Supply Works with All Fishman Preamp/EQ Models120 volt wall plug power supply for Fishman preamps. Works with all Fishman preamps that require a 9 volt power supply, including the Aura 16, Aura Spectrum, Aura Jerry Douglas, Fission Bass, Platinum Stage, Platinum Pro-EQ and ToneDEQ. Also works with older Fishman preamps including the B-II, G-II, Pro-EQ II, Pro-EQ Platinum, Pro-EQ Platinum Bass, all of the original Aura pedals, and any other preamps or pedals that require a regulated 9 volt power supply with a 5.5mm plug.This new 2015 model replaces the original 910-R model and has enhanced noise reduction and shielding, with increased power output to support the newer Fishman digital preamps such as the Platinum Stage, Platinum Pro-EQ and the new ToneDEQ DI. Please note that this model does not support 240V input.