New for 2021 Cort Artisan A5 Beyond 5-String Multi-Scale Bubinga w/Case, Free Shipping

New for 2021 Cort Artisan A5 Beyond 5-String Multi-Scale Bubinga w/Case, Free Shipping

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Key Features
  • Clarity and brightness exude from a bubinga and ash body
  • Perform with a tight, focused low range courtesy of a multi-scale design
  • Experience a deliciously rich sound produced by the neck-through construction
  • Reach the top frets effortlessly thanks to a striking single cutaway
Cort A5 Beyond, Open Pore Bubinga Natural Overview

The epitome of excellence.The Cort A5 Beyond combines a wondrous tonewood build with innovativeelectronics, resulting in mesmerising sound. A multi-scale,single-cutaway design offers superb playability whilst delivering abrilliantly tight low register. And when you're armed with a beautifulneck-through construction, you can be sure that every single note willring out with shimmering sustain and pristine clarity.

Bartolini MK-1 pickups deliver excellent, punchy mids andarticulate highs that team perfectly with the focused low end. Thecombination of bubinga, ash, maple, and panga panga then worksbeautifully to provide a tone that is rich and balanced, so you canperform with both resonance and clarity exuding from your fingertips.Better still, Hipshot Ultralite tuners harness a balanced, lightweightdesign, so you can count on immaculate tuning.

Full Description Striking design, exceptional playability

One of the first things you'll notice about this bass is its dramaticcutaway, contrasting wonderfully with the otherwise traditional andnatural aesthetic. The cutaway allows you to reach those top fretswithout any hindrance at all. No more awkward hand positions, no moreimpeding strain, play effortlessly whilst every single note is projectedimpeccably. And to give you even more versatility and control over yoursound, the multi-scale does not go amiss. It ensures the lower registeris focused and astoundingly tighter.

Exceptional electronics

Sound more dynamic, more exhilarating, and more fierce thanyou ever have before. The Cort A5 Beyond is loaded with Bartolini MK-1pickups to ensure you can do just that. These pickups deliver punchymids that are full of stunning sonic warmth whilst also exudingbrilliantly clear highs. The MK-1 preamp provides a powerful boost andthe 3-band equaliser lends itself to a range of environments. Whetheryou're recording in the studio or performing on stage to an awestruckaudience, play with astounding definition. The electronics also include aswitchable active/passive mode for either modern or traditional sonicpossibilities.

An extraordinary build

It's not just ground-breaking electronics that make this bass trulyheavenly, but also the neck-through construction. This meticulous designproduces shimmering sustain, ensuring those high frequencies ring outwith beautiful transparency and crystal-clear definition. It delivers asuperbly tight low end too, for both richness and punchiness.

Divine in looks, spectacular in sound

Bubinga and ash... a stunning combination that radiates with anatural finish. But this brilliant tonewood duo encompasses qualitiesthat go beyond such an astounding aesthetic. An ash body embellisheseach note you play with clarity, brightness, and crisp attack whilst thebubinga top then provides richness and resonance.

Teaming perfectly with such a fantastic body is amaple and panga panga neck. This tonewood combination provides excellentstrength that thrives with any aggressive, passionate playing. And itstonal qualities are magnificent too. The brightness of maple is balancedwith the warmth of panga panga, and this tone is ideal for gigging withas it is wonderfully focused and produces minimal feedback. Panga pangais also used for the fretboard, lending itself to quick and fearlessfretting techniques. It is sumptuously smooth, meaning you can slidefrom fret to fret in completely effortless fashion.

  • Product Code: A5 BEYOND OPBN
  • Body Top: Bubinga
  • Body Back & Sides: Ash
Neck & Fingerboard
  • Neck Type: 5pcs Maple & Panga Panga
  • Scale Length: 35.5"-34" Multi-Scale
  • Fingerboard: Panga Panga
  • Fingerboard Radius: 15.75"
  • Number Of Frets: 24
Hardware & Electronics
  • Pickups: Bartolini MK-1 Pickup Set
  • Electronics: Bartolini MK-1 Electronics
  • Bridge: Single Hardtail
  • Tuners: Hipshot Ultralite
  • Hardware: Platinum
  • Strings: D'Addario EXL 170-5SL