CB Percussion Traveler Snare/Percussion Kit Model 7106, 7106

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•32-note extended range bells w/stamped pitch letter names

Neoprene bar mounting increases resonance and is maintenance free

Impact-resistant ABS side frames and metal support plate enhance bell frame durability

3.5“x14” 10-lug chrome piccolo snare drum features internal tone control, 20-strand sanres and double air vents

Side-release snare throw-off and heavy-duty butt plate are key adjustable

Stand components include wide tripod stand base w/non-slip nylon bushing, platform bell mount and geared snare basket stand top

Birch shaft mallets, SD1 General drumsticks, detachable music rack for bells, rubber practice pad and drum key are included

Serial numbers for easy record keeping

Printed warm-ups and technical exercise for bells and snare drum

Fully padded deluxe nylon traveler bag w/heavy-duty zipper, interior accessory compartments, padded bell divider, separate snare compartment

Wheels, feet and retractable handle assembly bolted to ABS plates inside bag