Gretsch 6.5X14 Walnut Snare, S1-6514W-MI 019239420060

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Gretsch 6.5X14 Walnut Snare Drum

Manufacturer: Gretsch Drums

The Gretsch Walnut snares add another sound and look to the "Full Range line. The 8-ply walnut shell produces a snappy attack but w/ a punchy low end "¢Ã¢ š¬ great for lower tuning while also adding extra bottom to higher tunings. We've also added a dual maple inlay to the outer ply, giving this drum a look that is as unique as the sound it makes. Due to the construction process and organic aesthetics of walnut, no two drums will look alike, which creates a boutique vibe.

8 Ply Walnut w/ Dual Maple Inlay

30 Degree Bearing Edge

Triple Flanged Hoops

8 Lugs

Drum heads by Remo

MSRP: $499.99 (US)