Grover 3 Per Side Mini Locking Rotomatics Chrome

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The same innovative engineering and classic design as the Original Locking Rotomatics, but with smaller buttons for 6-in-line guitars, or for those who prefer a little more space for their fingers. Gear ratio is 18:1.6-in-line, Set of 6 (406C6 Chrome), (406BC6 Black Chrome), (406G6 Gold)3 Treble and 3 Bass, Set of 6 (406C Chrome), (406BC Black Chrome), (406G Gold)-Post Height = 1 in. (25.4mm)-Post Diameter = 15/64 in. (6mm)-Peghole Requirement = 25/64 in. (10mm)-Mounting Screw Location = 8 O\'clock-Collar Diameter = 25/64 in. (10mm)-Collar Height = 23/64 in. (9mm)-Gear Ratio = 18:1