Cordial Cables Premium Speaker Cable w/speakON to speakON Connectors Select Series -Premium 4-Pole, 2.5mm² Gage Selecter, 33-Foot Cable, CPL10LL4

Regular price $119.99

The Select Series is a robust, high-performance series suitable for a broad range of applications, including studio, live performance, rehearsal halls, rentals, and more. Designed to last a lifetime (and warrantied to do so), Select series cables take a no-nonsense approach to design, pairing time-proven cabling drawn from Cordial's German-designed and manufactured premium bulk lines w/hand-soldered Neutrik connectors. The result: Cables that deliver top-level performance w/reliability you can count on day in and day out -even under demanding conditions.

Features of the Select Series include:

• 99.99% pure virgin oxygen-free copper core and shield for superior signal transmission

• High-density copper shield for optimum noise rejection

• Noise-eliminating core sleeve

• Ultra-low capacitance/low resistance

• Hand-soldered Neutrik connectors

• Retail pricing typically 30%-40% lower than other premium cable brands

• Lifetime EZ-Swap Limited Warranty

Our CPL LL4 is an ultra-flexible 4-pin speaker cable to connect passive speakers and amps. NEUTRIK speakON plugs ensure a consistent and safe operation.