Flight Spirit Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele - Royal Series

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A wild Spirit that belongs in the wilderness and can't be tamed.Mustang's younger brother, Spirit, is a concert-sized, all solid acaciaukulele in its natural color.

Unique features include anintricately designed top sound hole, scalloped cutaway, offset dots onblackwood fingerboard and captivating headstock shape. This ukulele isshaped and neatly packed to harness percussive punch, volume and toneinside this beautiful acacia concert. Spirit is an instrument that willlet you fly free without limits.

Acacia is a wood that has a longheritage in ukulele building for its punch, volume and tone. For theRoyal series Flight chose only the highest-grade acacia which sounds asstunning as it looks. Beautiful natural finish brings out the best ofthe acacia grain.

Tech Ebony is a composite wood used by manyhigh end luthiers. Flight is a great believer in using the rightmaterial for the job and has no hesitation in using composites where itwill bring the highest quality to the instrument as well as contributeto global sustainability. The high-end Tech Ebony is a stunningalternative to rosewood which the flagship Royal Series is welldeserving and means you can travel the world without the stress of CITEScertification.

String-through bridge is one of the latestukulele trends. It makes the top resonate better, due to strings beingattached directly through the top soundboard, and not to the bridge.Changing the strings might seem a bit confusing at first, but actuallyit is easier. D'Addario strings have recently been rising in popularityand after lots of tests Flight decided to feature them on the Royalseries.

The scalloped cutaway was a real hit in the Victoriaukulele and it was a no brainer to repeat it in Mustang and Spirit. Thisintelligent design allows for playing up the frets but without thecompromise on volume and tone that many full cutaways inflict. It alsoshowcases the absolute craftsmanship and mastery of Flight's luthier.

Whylet everyone else hear how wonderful your ukulele sounds and not gainthe benefit yourself? Flight realises that you can hear the full toneand volume of ukes by introducing a sound hole at the top of theinstrument. Flight also feels it contributes to the quality of the soundas a whole. Some people aren't a fan of the appearance of a side soundhole which is why they have created an intricate design that gives youall the benefits of a normal sound hole whilst maintaining a solidappearance to the structure.

Most of serious ukulele brands usepassive piezo pickup, which is why for their higher-end models Flightdecided to shift from using EQ system to passive piezo. It makes theukulele lighter and more balanced, eliminates the unwanted string rattleand provides as a strap button.