AKG Perception Wireless Presenter Set - Frequency A / 530 - 560MHz

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The AKG Perception Wireless Presenter Set - Frequency A / 530 - 560MHz is intended to provide lightweight, quality wireless lavalier miking for theater performances, presentations, talk shows and other applications at an affordable price. The system includes the SR 45 wireless receiver, PT 45 bodypack transmitter and the CK 99 L lavalier microphone.Made to be inconspicuous, the CK 99 lavalier microphone clips on quickly and easily, and is designed to provide optimum vocal intelligibility. Choose between one of the 8 available UHF frequencies, and you're ready to speak or perform wirelessly on stage, in rehearsals, or during recordings or broadcasts. The PT 45 bodypack is designed to be compact and is powered w/ a single AA battery for up to 8 hours.8 hours of operation w/ a single AA size batteryPT 45 bodypack transmitter compatible w/ all AKG MicroMicsLow battery indicatorPT 45 bodypack designed to be compact and lightweightCK 99 L clip-on lavalier mic designed to be inconspicuous. Also desgined for a natural, airy sound w/ a cardioid polar pattern for high ambient noise rejection