ACUS Stage Sub 500 500Watt, 10" Sub

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Stage Sub 500 is an active Subwoofer, with birch plywood Cabinet in thick 15mm.High quality class D amplifier, switching power supply, and with analog signal processor; Acus speaker custom 10 ".Stage Sub 500 can be placed in the center of the stage with 2 satellities One Forstrings Extension, or with two complete modules, subwoofer + Stage Ext, to placed to the right and to the left of the stage. Frequency responce :Max Power out:System format:Woofer sizeSensivity 1W 1mSPL Max:Crossover:Woofer size:Cabinet:Construction:Weight:Height:Width:Depth: €³‚¬ Ã¤¡ºÃ¢ š “€±ï¿½degree䡺�500 W 1 via10"94 dB121 dBElectronic10"Trasmission lineBirch Plywood16 kg440 mm313 mm440 mm