ACUS Wood One ForStrings 8, 200Watt, 4 Channels

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Acus Sound Engineering developed the One for Strings range to amplify the sound level of all acoustic instruments (notably acoustic and classical guitars) without altering their natural tone or resonance. One for Strings amps are designed in minimalist style, with custom speakers, cabinets and highly reliable electronic components, all together capable of amplifying harmonics with natural tone.One for Strings 8 is the second largest in their line of acoustic amplifiers, featuring a 200W acoustic guitar amplifier and an 8" Woofer and compression tweeter. The amplifier is equipped with 3 inputs (2 Mic-Line and 1 Line) complete with PEAK LED, GAIN, 4-band equalizer, effect SEND and VOLUME. It includes additional connections as AUX input with dedicated Volume and two-band equalizer and manual "feedback canceler" filter. The headphone output with dedicated volume control and the four high quality digital effects integrate the multifaceted system equipment.SpecsFrequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHzMax Power Out: 200W RMSSystem format: 2-way biamp.Woofer Power: 150W RMSTweeter / Horn Power: 50W RMSSensitivity 1W 1m: 94dBSPL MAX: 116dBCrossover: ElectronicWoofer size: 8"High Freq driver: Compression tweeterBox: 2 way bass reflexConstruction: PlywoodWeight: 28.6 lbsDimensions: Height: 37.5cmWidth: 27.5cmDepth: 31.5cm