ACUS Wood One ForStreet Battery Powered, 80Watt, 2 Channels

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One ForStreet is the ideal amplifier for street musicians, who often playing in places without a network electricity.The high efficiency battery can support performance for more than 7 continuous hours. One ForStreet is the first battery-powered amplifier in the Acus One family with the same sound quality as the other products of the One Forstrings line even in the absence of an electrical network, which is very rare for an instrument.Available in Black and Wood colors. Frequency responce :Max Power out:System format:Sensitivy 1 W @ 1mSPL Max:Woofer size:Tweeter:Cabinet:Construction:Weight:HeightWidthDepth €¶‚¬ Ã¤¡ºÃ¢ š “€²‚¬ Ã¦­Ë†Ã§Å 80 W1 Via92 dB108 dBWoofer 6€�Compression Tweeter2 Vie Bass ReflexBirch playwood15 Kg359 mm267 mm288 mm