Stagg SLT-ECOPAR6-1 6X12W (RGBWA) LED LightTheme Spot

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The ECOPAR 6 is a powerful, lightweight, high output LED spotlight that's vibrant and dynamic, making it ideal for a variety of lighting applications, from bars and nightclubs to theaters and churches.

Key Features

  Flat Ecopar Spotlight w/ 6 RGBWAUV LED Lights
  40 degree Beam Angle Provides Excellent Light Coverage
  Array Of Function Controls Including Dimmer & Strobe Settings
  4-Digit Display Ensures Simple Operation
  Ideal For Indoor & Small Venues

The Stagg Flat Ecopar 6 Spotlight includes 6 x 12-watt RGBWAUV LED lights. The 6 in 1 system delivers the perfect colour mix whilst the 40 degree beam angle ensures excellent lighting positioning. There are multiple functions on board the Ecopar 6 spotlight such as dimmer settings, strobe controls, sound control and infrared remote control. An integrated low-noise cooling fan stops the spotlight from overheating whilst the 4-digit display ensures simple operation. The Stagg Ecopar spotlight is housed within ABS material for protection from damage.