Stagg SLT START SET-1 Light Theme LED Lighting Kit

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  • Complete Lighting System
  • 1 x LightTheme? Remote : SLT-Remote
  • 4 x Ecopar 6 LT: SLT-Ecopar6 RGBWA
  • 1 x LightTheme? Bag
  • 4 x DMX cables: 3 x SDX1,5-3, 1 x SDX10-3

    LightTheme ž is an innovative lighting system that eliminates the addressing and programming elements of lighting set-ups.

    Professional Light Shows at your fingertips

    The Stagg LightTheme series aims to remove the hassle and know-how of traditional DMX lighting setups. Avoiding complicated processes, the LightTheme Kit contains everything you need to connect and seamlessly control an impressive light show for any sized stage or performance.

    Super-Bright RGBWA LED Par Cans

    The included SLT-ECOPAR 6 Par cans featuire 6 x 12w LEDs, capable of super-bright stage washes or focused beam performances. Each fixture features Dimmer controls, strobe effect, auto sound control operation and master/slave functionality.

    Each ECOPAR can also feature an integrated kick-stand, allowing for easy positioning on a flat surface, or to be hung from a T-Bar or lighting truss.

    Cables Included

    The LightTheme set includes 3 x 1.5m DMX (3-pin) connector cables, with 1 x 10m master cable included. This allows for a versatile set-up on bigger stages, and means you can control the show at a distance remotely.

    Remote Controller Included

    The included DMX controller features 9 pre-programmed themes, dance styles, moods, colours and intensity levels. All are quickly accessible with an ergonomic playback keyboard.