British Drum Company BB-1460-SN 14 x 6" Bluebird Snare, Double-Beaded Brass Shell, Chrome Plating

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14 x 6
Remo USA Skins
2.3 mm Triple flange hoops
1.2mm double beaded brass shell
Palladium Lugs
Blue b badge
Palladium Strainer
Brass Snare Wires.

A classic chrome-over-brass w/ a difference. The Bluebird shell is 14" x 6" deep w/ double-beads to focus the sound and combined w/ our Palladium hardware create subtle nuances that boost the synergy between the shell, the heads and the snare wires to produce a musical rather than metallic sound.

The Bluebird also delivers superb response sensitivity across whole batter head meaning you can play well defined rimshots, while side-sticking will be tight and cutting. This broad response sensitivity also means accuracy brush work takes on a fuller and richer dimension - digging in delivers more punch - rolls are articulated and cut clearly - and accents can be seriously ripping.

"‚¬¹Above all the Bluebird is designed to cut through in any situation. Even raging guitars can't bury this drum. And it's not a matter of having to play harder to be heard; this chrome beauty cuts through the chaos w/ ease