Grover 3 Per Side Imperial Chrome

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Distinctive in styling and quality, the Imperial ž made it's first appearance in the 1970's. The most notable feature of this unique machine head is the futuristic Three Step button, a fresh and funky design trademarked by Grover. This re-introduction of the Imperial ž is an exact reproduction of the originals, including a 16:1 gear ratio.-Gear Ratio = 16:1-Post Height = 1 1/16 in. (27mm)-Post Diameter = 5/16 in (7.8mm)-Bushing Dimensions = O.D. 25/64 in. (10mm) I.D. 5/16 ( 7.9mm)-Collar Diameter = 25/64 in. (10mm)-Collar Height = 9/32 in. (7mm)