Grover 2 Per Side Mini Bass Machines Chrome, 2 Per Side

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The Grover "MINI" is lightweight, compact and durable for modern electric basses. Gear ratio is 20:1. Housing is specially machined to achieve the precise tolerance that prevents slippage and allows fine tuning. Sealed gear box has permanent lubrication that makes the MINI friction-free for life. Individually hand-tested. Screws and bushings included.-Gear ratio = 20:1-String Post Height = 1 1/3 in. (33.7mm)-String Post Diameter = 33/64 in (13mm)-Bushing O.D. = 21/32 in. (16.7mm)-Bushing I.D. = 33/64 in. (13.2mm)-Mounting Plate Length Top to Bottom = 1 37/64 in. (40.2mm)-Mounting Screw Hole location at Bottom of Plate 1/2 in. (13mm) apart-String Post Location = 3/4 in. (19.1mm) from horizon line of bottom Mounting Holes