Animals RUST ROD FUZZ Fuzz Pedal Designed by Skreddy Pedals

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Fascinating effector, Big Muff.The sound loved by guitarists all over the world is sometimes expressed as a wall of sound. The thick, thick overtone component is approaching in many songs, including grunge, shoegazer, and heavyness.Along with a heavy roaring sound like a wall of sound, a delicate and stretchy lead tone is also a major feature. In particular, playing the lead with a delay is also known for supporting historical performances such as the unique and gloomy UK progranity madness and the latin rocky and thick tone.There are many design and function changes in the long history, each with a legend. Therefore, it may be loved by many players. Animals Pedal Rust Rod Fuzz is the most popular of many legends, and can reproduce the big muff of the time called Rumshead produced in the early 70s.Compared to other eras, the mid is stronger and is known as a mellow tone. Especially, if you set a high lead tone and TONE higher, you will get a crisp sound. This sound is loved across genres and beyond generations. Real ramsheads are few and expensive, and will be difficult to obtain unless you are a lover. With Rust Rod Fuzz, you can recreate the legendary sounds that the world wants at a high level.The Rust Rod Fuzz is a reconstructed pedal that is known as a masterpiece of vintage fuzz pedals. Huge and powerful tone, tightly squeezed midrange. The sharp and aggressive distortion sound that combines the thick fuzz sound of the mid-70s with its unique response that is sticky is especially suitable for heavy riffs and chords.Sustain that lasts forever and moderate stickiness. The adjustment range of the knob is adjusted so that the best tone can be created regardless of the position, and the sweet point of the vintage fuzz can be taken out at any time stably. In particular, if the Tone knob is set near the center, it is adjusted so that the best tone can be made immediately. The player only needs to fine tune the equipment and preferences.Rust Rod Fuzz is a fuzz pedal that has a smooth, old-school appeal rather than a hot, modern sound. This sound is unique to Skreddy Pedals who knows vintage tone. The Rust Rod Fuzz uses a true bypass footswitch and is powered by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC9V adapter.Control Volume : Adjust the volume. Tone : Controls the tone with a focus on the high frequency range. Sustain : Adjusts the strength of the fuzz distortion and the sustain length.