Summit Audio Summit ECS-410 Everest Flagship Channel Strip, ECS410

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Everest is a state of the art channel strip comprised of four completely independent modules, each w/its own fully balanced input and output, and the ability to effortlessly route and reroute each module internally entirely in the analog domain. w/the TouchPatch routing system you're in control of your signal path quickly and efficiently. w/just the push of a button, you can easily route any combination of the ECS-410 internal modules. Each section has its own I/O (and in some cases, multiple I/O) so each one can be wired into your patch bay for individual use. Any section not routed internally is ready to be used on its own as if it were a completely independent piece of gear ... and all six of Everest's outputs are always on and available, allowing for all sorts of creative routing and patching options.