ACUS Stage 130 Ext 130Watt Monitor Wedge

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Stage 130 Extension is designed to reproduce faithfully the sound of acoustic instruments.It can be used as an additional stage monitor or as an integral part of a PA system.It is the perfect one pairing for Acus StagePre3 and expresses its full potential if used in pair and combined with Acus StageSub500. Frequency response :Max power out:Syistem format:Woofer power:Tweeter:Sensitivity 1W 1mt:Spl max:Crossover:Woofer size:Tweeter:Cabinet:Construction:Weight:Height:Width:Depth: €µ‚¬ Ã¤¡ºÃ¢ š “€²‚¬ Ã¦­Ë†Ã§Å 130 W Biamp 2 vie90 W 40 W 92 dB113 dBElectronic6�Compression tweeter2 vie bass reflexBirch Plywood9,5 Kg290 mm380 mm335 mm