ACUS Bandmate 100 120Watt, 3 Channels

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Acus Bandmate 100 is a 100W Stage Monitor for acoustic guitars that for its linearity it can also be used for piano bars.Thanks to its structure can be positioned both horizontally and vertically on a stand for acoustic speakers.Bandmate 100 is a compact and versatile monitor, it has a microphone input, balanced input XLR, Unbalanced input Jack TS and Direct out XLR.It is also present a useful Ground Lift switch in case of buzzing generated by the electricity network.Furthermore the monitor has a Volume, Equalizer control 3 bands and microphone input control.It is ideal as part of a mini PA system, composed for example of 2 Bandmate 100 and 1 Stage Sub 500.Available in Black or Wood colors. Frequency responce :Max Power out:System format:Woofer power:Tweeter:Sensivity 1W 1mSPL Max:Crossover:Woofer size:Tweeter:Cabinet:Construction:Weight:Height:Width:Depth: €µ‚¬ Ã¤¡ºÃ¢ š “€²‚¬ Ã¦­Ë†Ã§Å 120 WBiamp 2 vie75 W 25 W 92 dB113 dBElectronic6"compression tweeter2 vie bass reflexBirch Plywood9,5 kg228 mm383 mm262 mm