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Hagstrom collaborates with Sweden's Ghost on new Fantomen guitar


Hagstrom has introduced its new Fantomen model, which is created in collaboration with the Swedish band Ghost.

The Fantomen (Swedish for “The Phantom”) features an elegantly asymmetrical solid-mahogany body to which Hagstrom has joined a mahogany neck using its classic mortise-and-tenon neck joint system.

The new guitar utilises an H-Expander truss rod and Resinator fingerboard to create a stable, resonant and responsive sonic foundation.

With a relatively thin 11⁄4” (3.5cm) body, the Fantomen is beautifully balanced and surprisingly lightweight with a 25.5” (648mm) scale that provides a slightly sharper attack and more sustain than classic 24.75” scale guitars. The neck joint design provides total, unrestricted access to all 22 frets.

Hagstrom’s goal for the Fantomen was to allow for a varied tonal pallet, so the firm consulted with Swedish pickup guru Johan Lundgren, designer of pickups used by artists such as Meshuggah’s Martin Hagstrom.

Lundgren recommended two different humbucker designs: No. 2 in the neck position and No. 5 in the bridge position. Each pickup can be split to single-coil mode by means of push/pull switches incorporated into the tone controls, which allow even more sonic flexibility.

Hagstrom Fantomen-White

Hagstrom Fantomen-Tobacco-Burst

Hagstrom Fantomen-Black



Supro Relaunches Guitar Line


The return of Supro guitars has been teased for some time, but this year's NAMM show made it a reality. In 2017, Supro guitars return with a 14 new models confirmed.


There are two series: Island and Americana, promising to fuse contemporary playability and performance with retro looks and classic tones.
Island Series models comprise three pickup configurations: the single-pickup Jamesport, twin-pickup Westbury and triple-pickup Hampton. The models feature solid alder bodies with set maple necks, and Gold Foil pickups based on '50s designs, which offer a wide frequency response for use with drive pedals and vintage-voiced amps.
Americana Series models include the single-pickup Sahara, Dual-Tone, and Belmont; twin-pickup Holiday, Coronado II and Martinique; plus the Coronado II, Martinique Deluxe and Belmont Vibrato, which all feature period-correct fulcrum vibrato tailpieces. Americana Series models utilize Supro's vintage body design with Acousti-Glass top paired with a semi-hollow mahogany back, plus a two-bolt neck joint for the mahogany neck. All Americana Series guitars pack vintage-correct Vistatone pickups to replicate the tones of original Supro, National and Airline guitars. The '50s wiring emulates Ralph Keller's Valco designs.
Finally, there's the Jet Airliner Lapsteel, which utilizes a vintage Supro body design with string-through-body hardtail bridge, as well as vintage Gold Foil pickups with '50s wiring and volume and tone controls.
All of the guitars are a result of collaboration between Supro's Dave Koltai, famed designer Trev Wilkinson, vintage pickup expert Ken Calvet and luthier Glenn Sweetwood.




Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s Review of Luxe

January 5, 2017

The prestigious Acoustic Guitar Magazine has reviewed the Cort Frank Gambale Luxe signature model acoustic-electric guitar and describes this innovative instrument exactly as Cort and Frank Gambale designed it to be: a fast-playing flat-top acoustic that will feel immediately at home to electric guitar players as well as offer something a little different to traditional acoustic guitar players.


Check out the video review here!


A true collaborative effort between Cort Guitars and world-renowned fusion artist Frank Gambale, the Luxe was developed with the electric guitar player in mind without sacrificing the qualities of an outstanding acoustic guitar. Every detail was thoroughly thought out and discussed between Frank Gambale and Cort’s seasoned R&D team. Various early prototypes were produced and tested by Frank before the final specs were approved for production.


The result is an acoustic-electric guitar that sounds full and lively unplugged like a fine acoustic guitar but also plays fast and easy like an electric guitar that sounds superb when plugged into an acoustic guitar amplifier or a PA system. For fusion and jazz guitar players who want that full-bodied acoustic sound but with the playability of a jazz archtop or solidbody electric, the Luxe is a dream come true.



Guitar & Bass magazine is calling Supro an “Effect Brand to Watch in 2017.” In the listing of 20 brands, Supro is listed first. There’s a review of the Supro Drive preceded by a short interview with Supro President David Koltai, discussing the Drive (which the magazine calls “an absolute corker”) and the new Supro Tremolo.



 Washburn reveals three new acoustic models at 2017 NAMM Show

Washburn Guitars kicked off Winter NAMM 2017 in style today with the market introduction of six new up-market solid body and solid top guitars, and a renewed commitment to lead the retail MI industry with a broad line of guitar models that all deliver exceptional tone, playability, design, and cosmetics.

“Washburn is proud to celebrate 134 years of authentic American originality at Winter NAMM 2017 with new additions to our line that reflect and reaffirm the values that have made Washburn the number-one choice of hard working players around the world,” Washburn Vice President & General Manager Gil Soucy said. “Every Washburn guitar delivers exceptional value, sound, playability, cosmetics, and, most importantly, durability. These are the values our customers look for in every Washburn guitar regardless of the collection or model.”

Washburn has set new standards for design, cosmetics, and playability in the three new series of guitars being introduced at NAMM 2017. Director of Design and Development Jonathan Lee and his team have pulled out all of the stops to create a new line-up of solid body and solid top guitars being debuted within Washburn’s Heritage, Woodline, and Revival series of guitars.

“A total of six new models are being added to these iconic guitar series,” Lee said today. “The Heritage Series is being updated with three new all solid models, the Woodline Series with two new all solid models, and the Revival with one all solid 1939 classic model. The refreshed line up is intended to offer a higher level of quality to our customers while remaining true to the core characteristics of each guitar series.”

  Washburn RSG200WVSK  Washburn HD100SWCEK



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